Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No pumpkin patch

Well, all my worrying was for nothing. It was raining and raining hard this am. I hadn't heard by 8:30--and Rauan's old boots didn't fit Alihan (when did his feet grow???), so I ran to Farm and Fleet to buy some boots for him. Can you believe he is in a size 12 already???When he came home 6 months ago he was wearing a size 8! Anyways, while I was out, the preschool called. The pumpkin patch told them not to come! So, he is going next Friday, the 24th.
It was deary here today, so I called Ted and after I picked up the boys, we went out to lunch. Times it right--Tumbleweeds(it Tex-Mex) does kid's meals for 99cents on Wednesday! The boys loved it.
Julia recovered--school today and no problems with skating. Mommmy driving on the beltline is another situation although. Now I know why I work an off shift job! I told Ted if we move and the skating continues--it's going to be close enough so I don't have to drive that awful beltline!
Back to work tomorrow. I'll get some hockey pictures up later!


Christine said...

Wow! Four sizes! That is awesome. Rain already? What a bummer.

Gen 's Family Story said...

We also got rained out, we must be sending weather each way!!! Good going with the clothes!!