Sunday, October 26, 2008

My comments

First I have to say the new washing machine is AWESOME!! I've just folded clothes, since I worked last night Ted did alot of washing. They smell so good! I wonder if that machine had been pooping out on us and the fleas just finally did it in. Oh--and there is a special machine cleaning thing on it--one a month, throw bleach in and it does a special cycle to keep the tub clean. With my sports crazy family--this is just a wonderful bonus.
Ted's previous post. Humm what can I say--especially since we have replaced almost every single appliance in this house! I do think Madison has an unfair division. All one has to do is read the paper and the west side certainly gets more pluses--the schools on the west side are ranked highly and get the "bonus" monies available. It's an unfortunate set of circumstances. And to be perfectly honest--while it would benefit the children in their sports to move to the west side--I really can't see the benefit to me and Ted. And let's be honest--are the children really going to make their living at sports?? Possibly but not likely. My concern is for their education. That's how they will make their living--getting a good education. Now, is staying on the eastside going to benefit them? Who knows? We don't have to make a decision on that for a few more years--St. Dennis goes through 8th grade. And--who knows what is going to happen to the economy and Ted's job? Let's be honest--I can work anywhere. Ted can't. His job is very specific. If something happens--we have to go where he can be employed. Anything can happen. As we have found out with our appliances!
The eastside has some wonderful features. We are close to the lakes and their benefits. We are close to Woodmans--and with the boys I frequently am at the grocery store! We are close to both Ted's work and the interstate. That was important to me when we moved here. I can be on the interstate and in Janesville in 35 minutes flat. With the majority of our family there, and in particular with the recent health issues, that's a priority. And, with the exception of one neighbor, we are blessed with some incredible neighbors. Common, normal, saying poop (or the other term) when you step in it neighbors. No one tries to out do the Jones here, we're all just living our lives to the best of our ability.
So, back to Ted's original post--is it fair and free in this country? No--it isn't. But it's what we have and what we make of it. Freedom isn't free--but it's alot better then the options--some of which could be total chaos. Compromise is what it all about and that's what we do best.

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emily said...

wow. i had a lot of reading to catch up on here! first of all, love the hockey pictures of the boys. i hate that they've found their groove with their west side skate club and now might have to switch over to conform to the... rules? whose rules are these, anyways? i'm with ted in that it sucks. i'm also in complete agreement with you on the east vs. west thing in madison. i've been in almost all of the public schools and there is absolutely an imbalance of resources. however, we are an east side family through and through. we almost NEVER travel west of the lakes, unless work takes us there. anxious to catch up with you IN PERSON!