Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can you see me blushing???

In order to be home for Ted's birthday I have totally deprived myself on sleep--working last night until almost midnight, sleeping a few hours and being back at work at 7 am for a class. A computer class no less. We didn't have to worry about falling asleep in class though d/t Janiece and her stupidity! The instructor at the start of class says please turn cell phones and pagers off or to vibrate. No worries--my phone doesn't work in the basement. Usually (see where I'm going??) About an hour into class--as we are all struggling to stay awake (at least I was!) the phone starts to ring. Guns N Roses. Welcome to the Jungle. Did I mention that I have turned the ringer up as high as it will go because I can't hear it over the kids??? Did I mention that the nursing director for the peds hospital is sitting directly in front of me?? SHIT!!!!! So, I grabbed the phone and left--mumbling "I'm sorry" on the way out. My co-worker sitting next to me--well I think she was laughing her ass off. So- Ted couldn't find his keys. Couldn't even get into the truck, muchless drive the kids to school and himself to work. Might I mention it is fricking freezing here in Madison right now?? Yes, Janiece has both sets of keys and can't leave. I seriously thought of calling a taxi. Luckily, my mom forgot to take the carset out of her car and and we have an old crappy one in the garage (not crappy that it doesn't work--just without cushions, etc). So, mom loads the kids in her car, takes them to school, comes back for Ted and Alihan and buzzes him to work. All the while, I'm back in class trying to pretend I'm not that quiet nurse in the background who has Guns N Roses as her ringtone. There goes my image.

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Johnda said...

Oh my goodness...I had class last week...and the same thing happened..but my ring tone for my hubby was "let's get it on"
Wonder who they are talking about during break??????
I had to donate $10.00 to a charity of the instructors choice...I wanted to ask if she could donate it to the McGuire's adoption fund for Josie..but my face was red enough :)