Friday, October 31, 2008

I have an interview!

I'm so excited. I've been looking for a second job to help replace the savings that we used while I was out, plus if we want to go to the "princess castle" next year I need to save up. While there are plenty of nursing jobs out there, most want you to work with just them and/or more then 1 shift a week. Yes, I am insane, but not completely crazy. I do need sleep occasionally. Well, I've had a friend who has tried to get me to look into her current organization for a while. So, I did and I have an interview next Thursday. When I talked to the person on the phone, she sounded very willing to work with my schedule and having me work 1 shift per week. So, some more additional prayers please! I really want this to work. I love peds--but it isn't reliably giving me the extra hours I need. This would be completely different--so I think that would be a good change for me.


Maria said...

Good luck! Hope it works out for you. I'd love to go to the Princess Castle next year too!! :-)

Lisa said...

Good Luck JP! But don't work yourself nuts, okay?

~hugs~ to the greatest nurse Iknow.