Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My sick family

I really really want the kids to get better. I'm dealing with sick kids at home, then sick kids at work. This is a bad precursor for this winter. They are scheduled for flu shots on Oct. 30, the first day our clinic is offering them, but I'm wondering if that is going to be too late. Julia seems to be better. We're going to try school tomorrow and then her skating lesson. She only spiked her temp once early today and since then she's been bouncing off the walls. It lasted for about 48hours with Rauan--so if it holds true she'll be perfectly fine tomorrow. The one I'm worried about is Alihan. It's the preschool pumpkin patch visit and Ted is taking him. He's excited about going someplace with daddy, but I don't know if he gets the whole pumpkin patch field trip thing. We try to rotate the field trips so at least one parent attends. This is why I work PM shift. If I'm needed at school, I can do it. So, a few prayers please that is Alihan is going to get sick--it holds off until tomorrow night! I'm excited for him to have this opportunity. Ted has promised to take lots of pictures!
Elizabeth and Maria have picked up their baby girls--ok Aidai isn't a baby, but once your child always your baby! I'm so excited for them. I remember that thrill --combo of excitement and nausea--when I got Julia and Rauan. We all know Ted's feelings with his "birthing" experience (there was a loud very unlady like snort from me with this statement!). Alihan is sending a present to his orphanage buddy and he is so excited.
I have to comment, Hilary has noted the compassion in her children. Last night, while holding feverish Julia, I was reading a magazine and there was an ad for Smile Train with a lovely girl in the picture with a rather large cleft. Holy moly, did I get the questions then! She can't understand why the parents didn't fix the girl's lip, why is the medical system bad, etc etc. From the mouths of babes! Do you think it's because our children have been exposed to this other part of the world--the not so innocent part? Julia asked me again this morning about the little girl and wanted to know if I could go and fix her. I can only wish. Someday. Right now I feel very powerless. I want to do something, but what, how, where, when. I hope the answers will show themselves.


Hilary Marquis said...

Ah yes, let cold and flu season begin! So sorry your little ones are down with the crud. I hope Alihan gets to the pumpkin patch, he'll love it. Julia's concern for the little girl in with cleft made me cry...what a tender heart. You've done a good job.

Gen 's Family Story said...

We've been hit hard. I'm still suffering from the cold the kids gave me and I still have a sore throat at night!!!