Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another week gone

And another busy one. I ended up working an extra 1/2 shift Thursday night--turning it into a 12 hour shift--a super busy one. I don't function too well on just a few hours of sleep. But we got a hole in a tire of the van, meaning the tire had to be replaced. At this point, I just shake my head!
Julia and Rauan had their hunger walk at school on Friday. Grandma came up and cheered them on. Chewie's school had a fire department visit about fire safety. He did well--but one of the firemen is Lance, Kelsey's dad. He's knows him very well and I think that makes a big difference. Saturday was the Fall Frolic at MIA that Ted and the Polar cap board planned for the hockey skaters. I seriously couldn't get the kids off the ice--except for food! Chewie is one determined little boy! He kept pushing himself around and actually did some "stepping", without the walker. Julia and Rauan coached him around the ice--it was so cute!
Ted took Julia and Rauan out skating again today. He couldn't get Rauan off the ice! He is just like his dad. Julia starts Tuesday with her new coach and she is joining the figure skating club. So, now we start the competitions. I'm going to try to stick it out for as long as I can--but I think eventually I'm going to have to find a position that I'm not working weekends anymore. I love the pediatric floor--but there is the reality of hockey games and skating competitions. Time will tell.
School is going great for the kids. Julia is starting in the Title 1 program again. She just doesn't want to read. I'm not sure if it's stubborness, short-term memory issues, a learning disability, or she just isn't interested. I did notice something tonight with her and I'm going to get her eyes checked--just in case. Then there is Rauan. What can I say? All I can say is that I'm glad we are in Madison because there is so many ways we can challenge him! Chewie just loves school, he loves daycare and he loves hockey/ice skating. He's a happy boy.
Oh Miss Belle is now crated while we are gone. She ate the couch, she ate my recliner, she pulled down my new curtains and snagged them so bad I have to replace them. This was all in one afternoon. Yeah--she needed to be crated. The couch is now on the side of the road. Ted's parents are replacing their couch--so we got their old one. I bought a slip cover for that--easy to wash! The recliner is now "broken in". I'm not going to replace anything until she is done chewing and the kids are done with their jumping/running/destruction stage. When does that happen???


Mala said...

We were just dreaming about a stain-free, mystery-spot-less couch ourselves! That's YEARS away!

Maria said...

My understanding is that we will be able to have new, unstained, unscratched, un-chewed on furniture when we are in the nursing home. Of course, at that point, it will be covered in pee. *sigh*

Elizabeth and Bill said...

I've given up on having nice furniture! The stains and smells are bad enough but then you throw in the coat of fur that is constantly growing on everything and its really gross.