Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another family addition

It has been hard on poor Loki being the only dog in the house. Elkhounds are pack animals and female dominated. Poor guy--doesn't have a female elkie bossing him around. So, as always, we're adding a little more craziness to the Pritchard household. Belle, a pretty little 6 month old elkhound will be joining our family, thanks to the John Nelson elkhound rescue group--the same group that gave us crazy silly loving Loki. The current plan is for me to pick her up on Tuesday. So, Tuesday I load up 3 kids, pick up mom and drive to the Chicago area. Yes, I am close to certifiable! But life is fun!
This mom has also laid her foot down. The kids (including the big one) are now going to fold their own laundry and put it away. Mommy the servant is slowing down a bit. I'm sure that there are going to bumps and bruises along the way, but learning responsibility now is better then 14 or 15 years down the road. I think Alihan will do well with it. He loves to help me. Rauan--well his attitude is a coin toss. Now Julia. Humm that one will be interesting. I wonder how many temper tantrums I will have to go through because she doesn't have any clothes to wear--of course, her basket of clean clothes will be overflowing. Good thing the warm weather is here/coming because she can get away with wearing a little less.
Oh and the kids will have swim lessons this summer. Julia and Rauan in their regular levels and in the big pool. Alihan is in the wading pool with the thought of just getting used to the water. I think that will go like the shower--total hate at first and now he asked constantly to take a shower and can't understand why he can't be in the shower for an hour at a time! Oh kids!

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