Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Before I go any further, I would just ask that everyone say a prayer for the families of our University Med Flight crew that were killed this past weekend. I work with the wife of one of the crew members and needless to say, the employees of UW hospital and AFCH have all been affected. These wonderful men gave their lives to help others. There is no greater gift and no greater love then to help those in need.

My baby girl is 6 years old today. My oh my--where did the time go? She has been one of 3 greatest blessings Ted and I have received. When I think of 6 years ago we thought that our dreams of having a family had been destroyed and now--we have 3 of the best kids in the world. Plus we are experiencing the exhaustion of parenthood--to the max! Julia had a pottery party with some of her friends. 6 year old girls are so funny! Giggles and more giggles. She got quite the collection of infant items to take to AFCH's childlife department. Plus, someone gave some $ so they can purchase what they need. There is always a need for the childlife department--besides the floor patients, they also work with the siblings and any child that comes into the emergency room.

We also have our new addition, Belle. She is so sweet and the kids just love her! Alihan has been so positive with her. Boys and their dogs! Truly a classic! Loki, our male elkie, likes his new little friend. They love to putter around the backyard and they have met Max, the labradoodle that lives behind us.

Here's a few pictures--Julia's referral pic, one when Ted and I first met her, a current pic with her best friend Levi (you've come a long way baby) and our newest addition.


Stef Wasson said...

The pictures are great! Happy 6th Birthday, Julia!!

Hilary Marquis said...

Happy Birthday, Julia!!! She was an adorable baby by the way. The time goes way to fast doesn't it? We have a new pet too...I'll post on my blog later ;)