Sunday, May 4, 2008

No reservations

Well, yesterday Alihan had been home for a month. To celebrate (and because I work on Mother's Day -as always!), I told Ted we should go out for brunch today. Plus, it will get Alihan into a new environment so he can learn a little more. I have to say I was so impressed with the kids. They behaved so well and Alihan, surrounded by food, was in heaven. I took this picture outside the house just before we left. Yes, I am a total geek and they are matching outfits. I have to have something to embarass them with when they are older--besides the fact Ted and I will be at every dance/social they have in high school--and maybe dance and smooch infront of their friends!
Speaking of food, Alihan is eating nonstop! On Friday, he puked a little bit (in the minivan of course) and I swear it's because he overate. I hate to limit food because I think it will eventually settle down. I was talking to a mom today with 10--yes that is not a typo--10 adopted children. She had the same issue plus hoarding and the chipmunk cheek issue. With Rauan we had the hoarding and chipmunk cheek. For those of you who don't understand, the kids will literally hold food in their cheeks after eating because they never know where their next meal is coming from. Very common in older child adoptions. I used to find the nasty stuff with Rauan.
We also bought a new computer desk this weekend. The kids have caused serious damage to our computer--hence no sound and the new keyboard. And soon we'll have a new screen since Rauan decided to play ball in the house resulting in a large black circle on our screen. So, Ted is taking the old computer and setting it up for them and all their games.
Oh, and Mala, I think our boy has yours topped now. Let's just put in this way--hockey sticks and windows do not work well together. Nor do hockey sticks and your sister's forehead! This would be Rauan--Alihan is "learning" these new tricks--heaven help me! Of course, Alihan is a climber. I better get to know the ortho guys at Children's cause I'm sure we'll be seeing them a few times.
Pictures on Tuesday of my skating monkeys!


Mala said...

Oh yeah, we wouldn't let Beck any where near a hockey stick (or any other injury causing object)! He played all afternoon the other day while wearing his helmet. Seeing no bike in sight, one of my boarders asked why he was wearing a helmet. Just then he tumbled head first down his slide without actually touching the slide. We both gasped, and then he picked himself up and headed right back up the ladder. Sigh. That's why.

Mala said...

Hey Hilary, I made it here first! Neener, neener, neener!!!

Hilary Marquis said...

The matching outfit isn't so bad, I do it all the time when I can get away with it ;) I used to try to match Tim to the boys on Sunday mornings since I do the ironing of the dress clothes! *Hehehe*

I was out shopping today!!!

Gen 's Family Story said...

You have gorgeous kids!! I am a geek too if you look at some of our blog picks with matching outfits, I even want to someday make us all matching outfits....