Sunday, May 18, 2008

A new puppy

It is amazing the difference a puppy can bring. Besides the chewed up shoes, chewed up toys, chewed up whatever she can find. I forgot what teething is like! Loki is acting like a puppy himself which is just a joy to see. I knew he was lonely--this just verifies it. Elkhounds are such pack animals. And I'm trying to figure out what this submissive stuff is--she sure isn't submissive here. I've noticed that with strangers she is--but not with us. She LOVES, absolutely LOVES kids! Belle also has the most wiggly butt I've ever seen. Does that tail ever stop wagging?? She has been awesome for Alihan. He informed me today that Belle is HIS puppy! So much for the little boy that screamed and carried on when an animal was near. We still had some issues at the dog park--it's hit or miss with him. Interestingly enough--the bigger the dog, the less fear Alihan shows. Well, now we know for sure that he is a Pritchard--we're weirdos. But fun and happy weirdos.

Julia had a birthday party today at a gymnastics place--thus missing the soccer game. Which Ted kept guilting me over. But socialization is so important for a girl her age. He'll get over it. But, according to Ted, Rauan came out of his shell at soccer and really started kicking some butt! I got to talk to some of the moms and interestingly enough, none of us plan on letting our children go to LaFollette high school. As I've said, if I can't get Julia into Monona Grove, the house is going on the market and we're moving. DeForest was mentioned a couple of times. We'll see. Alot can happen in 7 years. But--if we move--I'm not settling for anything but 3 large bedrooms (4 if possible), minimum of 2 baths (one being a nice master bath), a good kitchen since I'm really spoiled now with my fancy appliances, a good size yard (fenced of course) and I would love--really love-a porch. Think I'm hoping for too much??

Anyways, I'm baking right now. The funeral is tomorrow for our med flight nurse and his wife has asked that anyone on our floor who wants to do something make bars or salads for the "reception" afterwards. So, brownies and bread by Janiece! Julia helped. I'm not going to the funeral--no childcare, but at least I can do something. My heart hurts for my coworker.

Here's a few pictures of the kids and Belle at the dog park. We're still keeping her on the leash, even though the dog park is fenced, just because she is still learning. Loki was off running. He never gets too far--he's another boy that loves his "momma". Such a smart furbaby. Oh yes and Alihan enjoying a sundae too. We're really Americanizing him!

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Hilary Marquis said...

Ohhh...Icecream and Puppies! That is a dangerous combination at our house, Dudley would've helped himself to the icecream !