Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gotcha day 5 years

Five years ago tomorrow is when we took Julia out of the orphanage in Ulan Ude. Who would of thought that little 15 pound 12 month old girl would turn into such a butt kicker. I'm sure most of the people that look at this blog haven't heard Julia's story. She is truly a 'survivor'.

Ok! Besides 3 people who reply on a regular basis, everyone else is lurking too much. Here is a news story about Julia by Angela Bettis at WISC TV. She is a great person and I am glad I was able to meet her. The record number of replies to a post is 9 for this blog. I swear if this video doesn't top that, there will be no more video's. Oh yeah, if you couldn't tell TP hijacked the blog again. JP will hurt me later, but I still do all the video downloads. We are really proud of this story, so please let us know what you think.


Stef Wasson said...

Yea, I'm the first to comment! I had not seen this before, you guys rock!

Lisa B and Family said...

What a greeat piece they did on Julia's story and especially about your experience. I can't imagine how many people may have been moved to take action from seeing that. Thank you for sharing!
I definately think it is time for them to do an update!

Betsy said...

Thanks for sharing! That video is wonderful. Your journey and willingness to share has been so helpful and inspirational to my husband and me. I will make an effort to comment more and quit lurking :)

?MomOf4? said...

What a wonderful story and great advocacy for both international adoption and special needs adoption.

I've been seeing so many adoption horror stories on the news lately, it's really nice to see a good one!

Elizabeth and Bill said...

Wonderful video! Off topic a bit - I'm in Kyrg now and everyone was askign about your family!

Flakey/Kesha said...

That was a wonderful video.. I have known you and Ted for years through your inlaws.Have been informed of your journey from the start and I know it has not been an easy one..Each time many prayers have gone up that the trip would be safe and all would go well. Now you have 3 beautiful children that have a loving family all the way around.. Congratulations..

bella1021 said...

Thank you for sharing your story!
I am soo happy for you :)

Jamie said...

Dont stop posting videos! This one was great- thanks for sharing.



Mala said...

OH OH!!! Am I #10!!!! YES! Breakin the record!
Great story!
Gotta love a grl who can "Jump up! Jump up! and get down!"

hey, where's Hilary?

Margaret & Tom said...

I watched it too, I am just really behind on my blogs. It is a wonderful story. :) Thank you for sharing it with us!