Saturday, May 24, 2008

Busy Week

This has been quite the busy week for us. On Monday I took the kids to the zoo which was really fun until Alihan threw a temper tantrum and head butted me. Not lightly either! I was wearing my glasses (the new constant in my life due to too many years of abusing my eyes), so I received a lovely bruise right across the bridge of my nose. We trotted right out of the zoo, me walking Alihan out while he is crying and carrying on--Julia and Rauan following but trying to look like that didn't belong with the crazy lady with the crooked glasses and the screaming kid! Tuesday Aunt Mimi came up to help because--as usual--the Pritchard family had 3 places to be and only 2 parents. So, Aunt Mimi took Julia to her spring concert (yes she decided she wanted Aunt Mimi--could it be a zoo flashback?) and mommy took the boys to their skating lessons and daddy went to softball. I finally FINALLY have some half decent skating pictures. Belle also made her trip to the vet--where she was duly admired. We are now short 5 pairs of shoes and this am she took out the shoelaces on my tennis shoes. The blinds in our bedroom also have a nice half circle chewed into each side--resulting in a full circle. All I can say is she's all puppy! Boy, having children mellowed me out. Belle is more in love with the kids every day and it is just plain fun to watch her and the kids play. Wednesday and Thursday were back to work for me and then yesterday I took a trip to Chicago to see my sister Suzanne and her family. We picked up mom on the way. Went out to eat, kids played with their cousins and then we made the brave attempt to leave the boys (Robbie, Rauan, and Alihan) with Uncle Jeremy, while us girls did a little shopping. I admit, I was a little nervous since grandma has really been the only one to watch Alihan since he came home--but my worries were all for nothing. Rauan and Robbie had a blast playing and Alihan got a English language lesson from Uncle Jeremy--walking through the house pointing at stuff and learning the English word. We came home to happy children and a happy--but tired--Uncle Jeremy. Our shopping trip was a success--even finding a 2 piece swimming suit for Miss Julia's little body that fit both top and bottom and the bottom wasn't falling off that teeny little butt! And, bad mommy, matching yellow striped polo shirts for the boys. Ted took a look at those, laughed and shook his head.

I'm off to work my weekend again along with Memorial Day. Another busy week ahead of us--but Friday, Alihan gets to go to the craniofacial clinic and once there--get that nasty earwax out of his ears. Yeah--that should be fun. I'll be medicating myself later.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone! Looks like we might actually get some warmth and sunshine here.

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