Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It just warms the heart

As much as things have just ticked me off lately (see yesterday's post), the generosity of people-and the amazing empathy I've witnessed, just simply amazes me. Alihan is our third child. I never expected anything from anyone. And yet, first I receive the check from my co-workers and then yesterday I received a gift card from the kindergarten moms at St Dennis--where Julia goes to school. I can hardy believe it! If that wasn't enough, yesterday I received a phone call from an old friend--who, as my family has grown larger and I've run out of time, I haven't seen as much as I would like. She and her husband picked up Ted, me and Julia when we first came home. They never had children and as her husband was explaining yesterday, as they are working on their wills, they have decided to leave their money to charity. They would like me to be the contact point for whatever percentage/amount is left to adoption assistance so it can placed in a good charity. Holy moly! Maybe we have made a difference beyond these incredible children. God willing, they will both live to a ripe old age and spend it all--but just the fact that they have thought about it and that our adoptions have had this effect on them just makes me speechless. Ok ok, I know that doesn't last for long. But, isn't that incredible? More children can be helped. And isn't that what it is all about? Children are the future and it's our responsibilty--not as Americans or Catholics or whatever nationality or religion we are--but as humans on this Earth(or as I put it world citzens) to do what we can to help ensure that the future is at least decent for them. Ok, off my podium. I'm still amazed!


Betsy said...

That is wonderful! God surely does work all things together for good, and He has definitely used your blog and adoption experiences to help others such as myself. Thanks for your courage, wisdom, insight and of course your sense of humor too!

Hilary Marquis said...

Amazing. God has used you to impact the lives of others while you weren't looking! I'm so glad that you've seen the blessing that your children have been in the lives of others. Alihan was certainly a blessing to our family. Give him a kiss for me.