Saturday, January 19, 2008

We're home

Home at last!!! For some reason, Turkey to Chicago took 14hours instead of 10. I believe it had soemthing to do with London's Heathrow issue--but didn't matter for me--I managed to sleep thanks to some well timed phenergan. Ahh--drugs!!! When you don't use them--the side effects can hit fast. Of course, the usual Pritchard luck hit when we got home--the park on the truck won't release. So, in bitterly cold weather, poor Ted is outside trying to get the truck moved so at least we can use the car until we can get the truck into the shop. Julia and Rauan were overjoyed to see use--and I guess Loki started pacing at my mom's between 3 and 4 pm--which is when we landed in Chicago. I swear by dogs' psychic abilities sometimes! My mom and Ted's parents drove us home from Janesville (we took the bus fromChicago to Janesville). Kids crashed, we crashed and then this am I started on the piles and piles of luandry. I have to say--my bed and shower are AWESOME!!!
So, I'm sure next week we'll have to start on some more stuff to bring Alihan home. He is so cute. Rauan is looking forward to having a brother. When I first saw Rauan--I swore he grew a few inches and this am I knew it for sure--his pants are a little shorter. Rauan is going to help me pick out clothes for daddy to take to Alihan and he wants to go shopping to buy Alihan socks, undies and new shoes. Julia still wants a baby sister--she's just going to have to be happy with her new baby cousin.

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