Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Finally an update

Sorry it's taken so long to get an update. The internet has been hit and miss--mostly miss! We've had snow here and bitter cold (like Wisconsin when we left). I guess that has affected the internet. Marnie and Johnda--bring an extra sweatshirt and warm jammies--it is cold even in the hotel.
Alihan is warming up to Ted. Yesterday we got to take him outside--actually we were told to take him outside. He LOVES the snow and loves being outside. I bought him some good mittens so he can play in the snow and we don't have to worry about his poor little hands getting wet and cold. I also got the medical update from the doctor. Really not much there. I questioned some spots on his back and I got the famous sugar allergy response. I pretty much knew beforehand--but yes Ted will be bringing something for scabies when he returns. Again--kept my mouth shut! They are giving him antibiotics for a cold--who knows what it is???? I don't know--after working at the university for so long with one of the top infectious disease MDs in the world--it's hard for me to say ok. We know antibiotics for a cold--or RSV are worthless, but apparently they seem to think the kids need them.
Anyways, Ted and I are trying to get out and walk everyday. This is so much different from our previous adoptions. With Julia and Rauan, the coordinators and interpreters were so eager to show us their country and provide us with knowledge about their countries history. Here, it's pretty much to the orphanage and back again. We're left on our own and told to take a taxi if we want to go anyplace. Like we would know where to go! We've found one place that is a grocery and shopping center about a mile away. It's a good hike and we're bundled up. I am now the proud owner of a very warm wool hat! Tomorrow we're going out for dinner with the other moms. We figure with a large number of us, we'll figure something out.
Well, the driver will be here soon. If we can get internet later, we'll post pictures.

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Hilary Marquis said...

The Beruit Cafe was great! Lebanese/Indian-ish cuisine & an english menu :) Ah Yes...the sugar allergy, bring on the Elimite. I am still coating Anara in precipitated sulfur cream. We have two more weeks to go, and boy does it stink!