Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 3

First of all, I am not responsible for my husband! Apparently, when he updated the laptop, he somehow deleted the modem. Mind you--I don't know computers that well so I'm not sure what the heck he did. Darn good thing he has other great qualities!
Marnie, I'm not sure which girl you are talking about. Just by eyeballing some of the kids though I've made tentative diagnoses. I was in one of the baby rooms with the new moms and I could hear RSV cough. I would just love to get in there and do what I do, but I'm resisting. I was talking to our nurse educator one day and I told her I think a nurse is always a nurse whether she/he is getting paid or not. But--everyone who knows me well be proud of me--I kept out of it--but it is so hard!!!!
Just heard, Asia Mountain is going to let Ted try to download pictures so we can post them. They really are nice here.
Well, for our adventure today--Alihan has definitely decided I am his mom and he isn't going to let me go. He's not so sure about Ted. We got to the playroom and I sat down on the floor. He plopped right down on my lap and wasn't about to move. He literally had his butt 1/2" away from my lap when we moved to a different area of the playroom. When I finally got him to move off my lap so Ted could have some involvement--he let us know in no uncertain terms he was pissed!!!! He warmed up to Ted eventually (don't all kids?) and we had a good time with lots of hugs and kisses. He is talking alot--not that I understand it--but he has a nice gentle voice.
When we left today, our driver took us to the edge of Tokmok and showed us how close we are to the Kaz border. I had no idea we were that close. I don't think a world map does it justice. Does anyone know the name of the river that is on the border? We also got a tour of the area. It really is beautiful.
Dana and Linda, I heard about the accident on the interstate. Did either of you get mandated? I'm able to check my work email occasionally so I would love to know more. Yes--once a nurse always a nurse thing again!
Ok, we're going to try pictures now. Hilary--I'm buying some Pringles tomorrow!

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Mala said...

Hi Marnie!
Great updates! Thank you!!!!!
Is Yuri still there in Alihan's room? If so, please give him a hug from me!