Sunday, January 6, 2008

Adventures today

Well we brought bananas and cookies to the kids today. It was a big hit (especially with Jyly!). Some of the kids tried hot chocolate for the first time--that was iffy--but it's good to try new things. Asia Mountain--we're paying with credit card. It costs a little extra, but after our coordinator rejected a bunch of our $100s, I'm glad we're doing that. We tried our best but just because we want new bills doesn't mean the US mint if going to produce them--especially at Christmas time!
Alihan loved the bubbles. Marnie I brought a lot of those, so if you need the luggage room......I got coloring books yesterday, but we didn't even get to those. Alihan fell asleep in my arms and then when he woke up he faked still being asleep cause he didn't want to let go! The interpreter was laughing about that. I had her tell him that we would be back tomorrow and there is going to be lots of snuggle time in the future. I also showed him pictures of the family and he was very interested, ;Julia and Rauan really caught his interest. When we gave him his blanket and stuffed animal (a Polar Cap polar bear--it's a hockey thing), he went running to his caregiver and had to show her. She made a big deal of putting it on his bed for us to see. Ted spent alot of time on the floor with Alihan playing helicopter and legos. We also heard Alihan talk today--tying words together. He is really soft-spoken. He does have a "best friend" there and when they got playing, it sounded like home to me. I think the interpreter thought we were nuts, but Ted and I were both laughing and having a blast with the noise.
We got a internet card today, so tonight Ted is going to work on getting the computer up and going so we can download photos. Everyone say a prayer--it's in Russian and Ted is trying to remember how he did it 2 1/2 years ago!


Marnie said...

It sounds like you are having a great time. I hope we can spend a little time there taking pictures of all Jyly's friends before we leave. Have you seen Indira? I can't wait to hear what your take is on her medical condition with your background. I'll talk to you about her when I see you. Oh yes, Jyly loves bananas!

Hilary Marquis said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of Alihan and all of his friends. I'm curious, which little guy is his best friend? I can' remember one of the little boy's names and it has been driving me nuts! The kids loved Pringles chips when we were there...the local brand is called "Kracks" :)