Thursday, January 17, 2008

Preliminary dates

After all the fuss and mess here our court date is Feb. 4 and then we anticipate Ted will be returning March 23. It's funny because that's the day after Easter--and that's the first time we met Julia in Ulan-Ude, the day after Easter! We should know for sure Feb. 6.
We're just finishing up packing and we'll be picked up at 1:30 am here (12 hours ahead of Wisconsin) and hopefully flying out at 4:05am. Our interpretor spoke with Alihan today and told him that we will be leaving and that daddy will be coming back to get him soon and take him home. He was fine with that--but he has seen that happen quite a bit in his years at the orphanage. Actually it was close to time to eat and he really could have cared less what we were saying--he wanted his food. Just like Rauan. Why do I get the feeling that very soon I'm going to have the chorus of "I'm starving!!!" (insert pleading cry) at my house???
We're going out to eat at the Russian Yard tonight before we fly out. Don't worry Lisa--no vodka for me. Nothing worse then a hangover on a hot crowded plane! Everyone start praying again--I HATE FLYING! Prayer for my sanity and safety please (well Ted too!).

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