Sunday, January 13, 2008

Praying for internet

I swear if this goes out again, I will throw the computer across the room!!! Everything is going well with Alihan. He is definitely bonded with us and it's going to be hard to leave him this next week. However, we've been through this twice before, so we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
I have to report, my whole day was made yesterday when the director of the orphanage asked me to assess a new infant that is cleft-affected. He is a 2 kg. premmie with a complete unilateral cleft. For those not medical people--think of Julia's cleft. There was also another baby there who looks syndromic that I swear has Pierre-Robin sequence(very small jaw and specific type of cleft palate is the best way I can describe it--Ted hates when I do medical talk!). Anyways, I'm a weirdo and love this peds and craniofacial stuff so I'm happy. I'm going to see if there is some way I can get some special bottles for Ted to bring back. Anyone of my medical buddies who has ideas on how to do this or who I should go begging to? They also desperately need infant vitamin's. When I gave the director the fever reducers, vitamins, and cream supplies by my co-workers , she was extremely grateful. You guys are awesome!!!
We have alot of snow here--not compared to what we left in Madison, but it's a good amount. We drove to Tokmok today in a minor blizzard. Ok--this is a knuckle biting hour ride in GOOD WEATHER . Imagine what was like today?? I need some more vodka! Oh yes, we found out today the building next to Asia Mountain is a strip club. An exclusive one, but a strip joint none the less. I don't know if they offer other "entertainment" there and I sure don't want to find out!
I do have to mention that I miss Julia and Rauan desperately. This is just way too long to be away from small children. I know they are being cared for and that everybody loves them--but it's very difficult. Ted is trying to talk me into being the one who comes back with the idea I can help with the cleft baby and show them how to use the bottles etc. but I honestly don't think I can leave the kids that long. Of course after taking care of them by myself for almost 2 weeks and I might be saying something different!
Ok I'm out of here before I lose the internet again. I'm also fully recovered from the vodka!


Bumpa said...

HI , just a comment that I talked to Gilmore Dental about contributing dental supplies for your next trip. They are going to let us know on the 29th when Janet has her next appointment. I guess it is a corporate decision and not all parties were available when I was there. I thought it might be a nice touch and the staff that I talked to agreed . The kids miss you and so do we ha ha Hurry home so you can get back and bring the new boy home. Love Bumpa

Hilary Marquis said...

The best way to do the drive to Tokmok is BLINDFOLDED! That is the most terrifying ride I have EVER experienced. I'm so glad that you got a chance to use your nursing experience. What a wonderful blessing to those babies! Alihan looks so happy, it makes me want to cry :) Hug Yuri, Aidai, Indira & Nargiza for us.

Jackie said...

Janiece, I just found your blog (I'm behind on my blog checks). So happy all is going well visiting with Alihan. I had a chance to see him while I was in Tokmok meeting my Little Squirt in Oct. I wish you all the best during this trip and look forward to following your journey to bring him home.

Gen 's Family Story said...

We wondered what that building was!! We were told it was a public sauna, so much for that story!!! I need to give our coordinator some grief for that one when we see her next!!! I've loved following your story!