Sunday, January 13, 2008

Manoga schneck(lots of snow) and the Packer victory!

Greetings from half way around the world. For those interested our pics can be found at You will need to be signed up to view them. By the way this is Ted. Janiece is mad since she spent a great deal of time on a post yesterday that was nuked when the internet went out. So I get the honor! On Friday we went out as a group for shopping and something to eat. I, unfortunately, am the token male and have nobody to talk to. After suffering through a few hours of shopping at the Zum, we decided to grab a bite to eat at a nice Asian restaurant. Two of the adoptive mothers wanted to experience some Russian traditions and since our facilitators here do not associate with us outside of the orphanage, I felt compelled to dust off the traditions Andrei instilled upon me on the shores of Baikal. Thus the Vodka and the recovery! So the 4 women and I proceeded to toast our way through a bottle of vodka(nyet Krystal). I must report that our group was loud and the conversation made me turn red a few times. I also had to escort one mother to the car so she would stop talking to all the men.
Today in the orphanage was a blast. We played in the room with all the kids for awhile and then we took Alihan and his friend Yuri out to play in the falling snow. I think that I saw tears of joy from the caregiver when we left, as I believe the two were getting on her nerves. Yes I must report that our youngest son is naughty.
Speaking of naughty, I want to fly back to the US and shake some sense into Bubba. For those who remember, he was refusing to participate in anything this spring-fall, but we thought that we were beyond that. Well I am happy to report that he is pulling the same thing on my parents at hockey practice. While I do see some humor in that they didn't think he was this bad, I now know what my parents meant by wanting to reach through the phonelines and strangle me as a kid. Must drink some more Vodka or I will be on the first plane back to escort his sorry butt back to practice to apologize to coach Adam for making a scene.
Well Janiece and I are going for a walk and if the internet is working later(doubt it)I will try to post more pics on the Yahoo site. Best wishes. Give the kids a kiss from us and tell Rauan that daddy's eye in blinking uncontrollably right now!!!

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Hilary Marquis said...

Hang in there Rauan and Julia! Mom and Dad will be back soon. You're going to be such wonderful big brother & sister. Alihan is so lucky to be joining your family. I'm so proud of you both!