Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early morning

We've taken to get up at an unreasonably early time just to use the internet. Didn't have anything after yesterday's early am post and then the TV pretty much gave out too! Needless to say, I'm hoping our big shopping experience today will help us find an English bookstore!
I'm missing Julia and Rauan more then I thought I would. This is way too long to be away from younger children. I know that they are well taken care of but I miss my babies.
Alihan is really starting to show more and more of his personality. Yesterday, we went to the playroom with one of his friends, Yuri and another little girl. Alihan does the fighting with his friends just like I've seen at home with Julia and Rauan! He loves to look out the window and watch people and cars and he loves to play with the wooden puzzles in the playroom. We went outside for just a brief period yesterday. Alihan does not like the dogs at all--or maybe he is just frightened of them. I remember when Rauan first saw our dogs, he curled up into a little ball and cried. Now, well, Loki follows him around because they are food buddies! Oh yeah, I think I'll now have two boys that start saying "I'm starving" first thing in the morning--and which continues all day long--usually within 15 minutes of eating! I might need to look at that second fridge! Thank God we live so close to Woodman's(huge grocery store).
So, I was able to get some pictures up. The plane is a Mig 23 that we see just as we enter Tokmok. Then the table is when we gave the children mandarins yesterday--can't have oranges but those are ok. I tried to get a good picture for you Marnie. Then it's me and Alihan outside. He loves snow!
That's about it for now. Ted and I will take some pictures of town today and hopefully be able to post later. Oh Ted wants me to tell you he is loving watching the Russian super league hockey. MEN!


Hilary Marquis said...


The quilt was Mala's ;) I did the photo album of all the kids that have been adopted out of Tokmok (at least all of them we could find) Enjoy the rest of your trip, we'll put our heads together when you get back!

Marnie said...

I love the pictures. I am down to one day and hours so I will see you soon!

Rachel said...

Hi Janiece! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs! I believe Marnie was going to talk to you soon on our behalf, but I was wondering if I could email you privately regarding our referral at Tokmok. I was hoping you might be able to gets pictures for me. My email is Your son is adorable!

Mala said...

Oh my!!! They all have hair!!! In the summer they have serious buzz cuts! So glad to see those beautiful kids! I see Yuri!!! Please stash him away in your luggage and bring him home to me!