Sunday, February 10, 2008

What else???

We were hoping for better news, but that is just not in the cards for us. I think I jinxed this whole adoption! I say that as now the bad luck has struck one of the kids. This morning, as Rauan was enjoying his snack in front of the TV, he decided to start jumping around. Now I, as every parent would, told him to knock it off before he got hurt. So what happens, he gets hurt. Rauan, not being known for great balance, tripped over his own feet and went eye first into the corner of an open door of our entertainment center. Since he couldn't open his eye after that, I decided that I better take him to urgent care. Well they took one look at his eye and told me to get to the ER. Did I mention that, of course, Janiece was working. So I call her and she walked downstairs to meet us in the ER. Well after 4 hours in the ER, they showed us his deep corneal abrasion under a black light. They don't think it will affect his vision, but he is now on antibiotic drops. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... back to the jinx. For those who know me, I don't like to talk about a life event(marriage, adoption, etc.) until it is COMPLETED. It is similar to the Bundy curse on MWC, where Al would refuse to admit that he was having good luck. Well I made the mistake of telling a few people at work about this adoption prior to the first trip and the bad luck has been raining down ever since. Since our rescheduled court date is in a few hours, I am just waiting for the phone call tomorrow giving us the next piece of bad news. My faith in anything positive is pretty much gone and I am really worried that now the bad luck has now taken the life of one of our pets and injured one of the kids. When is enough, enough?


Lisa said...

Ted, I hope it helps you knowing that these things allegedly come in threes. Rauan's injury is the third. Today you'll get good news - I know it. But remind me to never use your adoption agency, okay?

Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way and will send Vodka if you need it ;)


Mala said...

I'm with the '3 theory'. I think (and hope) you're done now. GEESH!
(a little vodka probably wouldn't hurt either).
We'll be waiting to hear how court went.

Lisa B and Family said...

I promise when I uncurl my toes for Rauan's eye, I will cross my fingers for good news from the court for Alihan!
My son had a corneal abrasion two years ago. Yicks. He is fine now and all he really remebers is, not the pain, but the yellow dye and the black light monster the doctor showed him in the mirror.
I say when you have your good news, we'll all toss with vodka!
We are waiting to get a referal so your good news is our good news too!

Janet said...

YOu forget who was messing around playing hockey with a plastic puck way way back when he was a little squirrel. This said person had been warned by parent A and B to "knock it off". Then the unidentfied person kept it up and sustained a major hyphema from plastic puck in the eye. That person almost gave his poor ole mother a heart attack fearing lost vision in one eye. How does that saying go again....."what goes round comes round". Also on the negative moood.....I still keep a can of industrial strenth "whup-ass" in the closet. Don't be thinking you are so big I won't come up there and use it. Just my sense of humor coming out.


Janet said...
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Janet said...

Please remove my duplicate post so other readers don't think dementia has set