Saturday, February 16, 2008

I hate to get political

Now before anyone goes off and blasts me, I want to go on record saying that I am pretty moderate in my political views. I think we are realistically down to 3 candidates and I have likes and dislikes for each of them. In my view they seem to be all pretty similar.
Everyone who know me understands that I am an advocate for adoption. I have a great admiration for politicians(i.e. Tammy Baldwin) who step up to protect children and those who want to raise them. Well today I heard one of the presidential candidate chose not to vote "yes" on an adoption bill(international included) that would have strengthened the adoptive parental rights. The bill can be found at: While I will agree this person didn't vote "no", they certainly didn't make the effort to represent all the adoptive parents in their state. I guess each of us have our own "special cause" when voting and I do not believe that I can vote for someone who does not feel the need to protect my rights as an adoptive parent. Ok I'm off my soapbox now!
P.S. JP is going to kill me when she finds out I talked politics on her blog.


janiece said...

Who is it because on that kind of crap you can talk!!! I will VOTE against that one--and you know I don't talk about who I vote for!

Janay said...

STop reading neo con fascist web sites. You know this person is NOT against adoption. YOu know your Dad is working for this person's campaign and I gave him $$$ can think how you want but....I am still right!!

Lisa said...

JP's going to kill you for the comment you left on my blog. She doesn't care about the political stuff. Barack voted no, eh? I don't care. He's still the lesser of the evils we have to pick from. I'm working up a post you'll love, TP. Stop by my blog in a day or two. And come shovel my walk.