Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just one more brag

I am so lucky because my kids are awesome and I see that Alihan, especially as I view the video Ted put up, will fit in so perfectly. Most people don't realize it,but Julia didn't walk until she was almost 19 months old. She was teeny tiny, but strong willed. For a basis of comparison--in the skating video--she's 5 1/2 years old. Also, today, for Coach Liz, she did a walz jump. And not just one--3!!! Liz just demonstrated it for her and she did it. She continually amazes people. Now for Bubba. He was so fat he couldn't walk. 26 months old and he wanted to be carried around. Yeah no that wasn't happening. So now at 4 1/2 years old--he's suited up and waiting at the door for daddy so he can play hockey--and he's pretty darn good! He's also scary smart--a future challenge for me!
I just mention this because through my own personal experience and through the work I've done as a nurse, with craniofacial adopted children and other children of international adoption--the potential and drive amazes me! These kids are SURVIVORS! From the moment she was conceived, the odds were against Julia. And look at her now. Rauan--his biological mother was a single Islamic woman that hide her pregnancy from a small village. The odds were against him. And again, look at him now. All I see is hope and joy and laughter in their future. I can't wait for Alihan to join us and become part of it.


Hilary Marquis said...

You are the PERFECT family for him...what a miracle and a blessing.

Lisa said...

Indeed. And soon enough he'll be here!