Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nature vs nurture?

For those who know us, JP tends to be at one end of the type A personality spectrum. When my good friend Al first met Julia and she started to boss him around at the age of 18 months, he looked at JP and said: "Nature, nurture?" Julia tends to be a bit competitive for a 5 year old and her Russian temper does make an occasional appearance. For about the last month, Julia and Rauan have been playing indoor soccer on Fri. nights. There is a boy in their class that is about 7 and has Julia by a good 6 inches and about 10-15 pounds. Since the first class he has been pushing the other kids and taking away their ball, but he had steered clear of Julia. Well last night he made a BIG MISTAKE and decided to push Julia and take her ball. Over the next30 seconds I thought that I was seeing a scene straight out of Nat. Geographic where a female lion takes down a wildebeest. After this boy took her ball, Julia sprinted after him top speed and did a flying tackle on his back that sent this kid face first into the gym floor. Then as the boy is sitting there crying, Julia grabs her ball and is wagging her finger in his face telling him not to touch her ball again. Now normally I would have spoken to Julia, but I'm sorry this BULLY had it coming. I don't think his father was pleased that he got his butt whooped by a little girl, but if you are going to allow your kids to push others around you better be ready for your kid to take his lumps. Perhaps figure skating is a good sport, because I am not sure that I would want to put a hockey stick in Julia's hands. Of course I'm not sure this was as funny as when she took Colton down when she was 3. With Colton it wasn't so much that she tackled him, but the puzzled look on his face that said: "What the heck just happened?"


Hilary Marquis said...

Are you sure you want her to have blades on her feet at all? Good for Julia, sometimes the only way to beat a bully is by pulling the rug out from under them. She may have taught him a valuable lesson.

Janay said...

That girl takes right after her Mama and her go Julia. She has to be assertive to keep things straightened out with two brothers in the house.


Lisa said...

TP, get that girl a hockey stick. Nothing would be more awesome than a high-sticking, body checking Miss Juju. Besides, hockey's where the scholarships are. Think long term my friend. Women's Ice and Field Hockey are the way to go! No such thing as a figure skating scholarship. She needs her some martial arts too. That way when she's 15 "No means No" becomes "If you value your package, you'll take your f'ing hands off me"