Thursday, February 7, 2008

And so the snow goes on and on and on

I swear snow follows us. We are part of the lucky group in Wisconsin that got dumped on. Julia and Rauan absolutely loved it! Of course they were bouncing off the wall s here at home yesterday since that was --NO SCHOOL. I told them put on your snow clothes and start shoveling. They had a blast. Wonder if I'll be able to get them to do that when they are teenagers???
Ahhh, the joys of 4 wheel drive. I made it into work last night, while some didn't and others got picked up by the hospital in their 4 wheel drive vehicles. Nurses are essential personnel. I almost ended up staying for a double shift (YUCK)--but lucked out. I drove home at 1 am last night and I saw the Madison school district plowing out around the schools--knew there would be school again today. At least I wasn't the only one out that late--or early, depending on how you look at it. I talked with my manager again yesterday and she's going to work on me with scheduling etc. There is a traveling nurse coming in April--so my hours can be adjusted as needed for when we FINALLY get everything straightened out and bring Alihan home. I haven't heard anything--so I'm hoping that is good. I have to say right now every time my phone rings I jump because I'm scared it's going to be something else. Roll with it at this point.

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