Saturday, February 9, 2008


I've heard court should take place on Monday Feb. 11. So, please everyone say a prayer for no further issues and then hopefully, Ted can travel the first of April!
Ironically, 6 years ago on Feb. 12 was when the awfully HSG took place, leading to the nasty pelvic infection which caused the Valentine's Day hospitalization--10 days hospital and then 6 weeks IVand oral anitibiotics afterwards. Talk about full circle and how life can change. I've always said adoption is how God intended this family to be made--but geez, couldn't God let it be known a gentler way???!!


Lisa said...

Stay strong JP and let Ted know that if he needs bail money, I'm sure we can get him covered ;)

Hilary Marquis said...

Sometimes I don't listen too well when God doesn't use a ball bat right between the eyes! I'm a slow learner what can I say?...Anara's adoption has improved my listening :) You're in the homestretch now, and you're being covered in prayer.

Mala said...

Lots of prayers and positive energy that your case will go through court without issue. I can't wait to see that little handsome guy come home!