Wednesday, February 20, 2008

HAHAHA--laugh or cry???

Well, as with all things in international adoption--change is a constant. We all questioned the return date. Due to one of the mom's worry that she would lose her position at work--there was more questioning done. The dates were incorrect. Apparently, the person at Frank Foundation got confused on the dates (with another family). So, we're back to the original planning of the end of March. Thankfully, we didn't buy plane tickets yet. Ted is going to miss Rauan's birthday--which he is pretty bummed about. But, with our nasty weather and work schedules, it will probably work out better. There's alot of projects coming due at Ted's work which his supervisor was going to cover--now he doesn't have to worry. I know my manager was a bit stressed with covering for me--but there are traveler's coming in April--so it works better for her too. I think childcare will be better too--hopefully no more nasty ice/snow storms to contend with for the grandparents(coming from Janesville to Madison and vice versa). Oh and Mala---I fell heading into work yesterday. I'm ready for the island!!!


Hilary Marquis said...

All God's timing...for good reason. I'm sorry he'll miss Rauan's birthday though. Hey! Have 2 parties, one before and one after with his new brother ;) Maybe we could come out too!

Mala said...

Ha! I discovered something worse than falling... not falling! Hit a patch of ice on my way out to the barn, with the vet, no less. I guess my numerous arse-plants lately have sharpened my subconscience to be acutely aware of any opportunity to take a header (or 'ender' as the case may be). Before I knew it, I was scrambling to and fro, backwards and forwards, arms flailing, curse-words (or garbled bit and pieces of curse-words) spewing, trying to regain my balance in some sort of uncoordinated, crazed, seizure-like 'dance'. Alas, butt did not meet ice, but in the midst of my desperate manuevering I think I pulled... everything. Geesh!!! See you on the beach, I'll be the one with the big smile and several umbrella drinks!