Sunday, February 17, 2008

Janiece's political comment

Hummm, after reading Ted's post on MY BLOG (the boy really needs to get his own), I feel compelled to say something. First of all, I don't discuss political issues--except related to adoption and healthcare for children. Those are two issues I do feel strongly about. As Ted, and some of my relatives know--I don't tell anyone how I vote. It's a complete mystery. I personally admire ANYONE who goes into the political arena since they are willing to leave their whole lives wide opened and splayed for the public to judge--simply for their beliefs. Not an easy decision to make. Now, as far as the adoption issue on this person. Hummmm, interesting. As with all my discussions--this is what it should be. Research and investigation into why the decision was made. Was there a part of this bill that was an issue? What was the reason for just the "present" vote? Is this part of a pattern? What about the other people running? Any comments regarding their votes or value statements in this particular issue?
Again--no one will know my decision or how I vote--but I do believe we need to make educated choices in regards to our votes.
Oh yes--Ted forgot to mention my comments about Julia. "That's my girl!" Sure says a heck of alot for the nuture issue. As well known, I don't put up with much crap. I'm the one who went after our facilitator in Moscow (not Diane and Andrei) because I was unhappy about the hotel situation. She's the one who stood up against the government and pushed the Russian soldiers out of the way. And I told her off. By the way--I understand that the hotel situation quickly changed after we went through. I stand up for what I feel is right. And I sure as hell protect my children. I'm Irish, Scot, and German and I was also born under the sign of Leo--do you really want to mess with me??? The women in my family are strong. Biological or not, Julia comes from a strong family and she will develop as such--plus I think she has a little bit of ass-kicking Russian added in that we are seeing. Again--"That's my girl!!"

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