Monday, February 4, 2008

Document verification fee = Extortion

Well we though that not posting for a few days would bring good news, but......
Please note that I post this without any ill feelings towards Kids to Adopt, they have been great and are forced to scramble due to alleged judicial concerns. For those who remember, today was supposed to be the court date to finalize our adoption. Unlike Russia and Kazakhstan, our facilitator represented us in court. Well, now we find out that supposedly the judge was concerned if our documents were official. Yes we all know that the US government and adoption agencies like to falsify documents. So the judge(according to the facilitator in Kyrgyzstan) ruled that our documents needed to be verified before they would proceed. Now for a small fee of 2K they could do this over there and should only delay our timeline by 1 week. Now please note that we were cutting our finances close as it was for this adoption, but these lengthy visits and additional costs are starting to have a bad smell. I am not sure how the 2 other couples we traveled with are going to be able to find the extra money. In addition, we find out that one of the adoptive single mothers was threatened at the Bishkek airport while the facilitators did nothing to help her. I guess her suitcase was over the weight limit, so a man asked her for $100. She gave him her Visa card and assumed that would cover it and proceeded through Passport control. So as she was about to board the plane with the facilitators, this man confronted her in anger and demanded his $100 telling her that he didn't use the credit card. Please someone explain WTF??? I am at the point where I don't want to go back. Is this really worth feeling like someone is taking advantage of you? Plus, I will be there by myself and I definitely don't trust anyone. I swear if I get over there any someone asks me for more money, I will end up in a Kyrg jail. Perhaps I may change my mind, but I think Janiece is going to have alot problems convincing me to get back on that plane. What makes this worse is that she is going to have to work her off weekends including Easter to pay for this, since I am stuck in the salaried employee world. Well that is my vent for now and I am sure Janiece may have more to add since, hey, this is her blog.


Hilary Marquis said...

Not good...don't ya just love how they like to change rules in the middle of the game? I'm so sorry you guys. Let me know if I can do anything. I'll definitely be praying!

Lisa said...

That completely blows. I wish I had something constructive or funny to say but I'm just flabbergasted. Sorry guys.

Johnda said...

WEll, i can relate to you a little!!! I'll email you guys in private...I will say a prayer for you!!!

BTW we still haven't went to court or have a court date!