Sunday, February 8, 2009

When you have an older sister.....

This is what happens! Yes, this is Julia's angel dress from Christmas. I had 3 children running around in dresses most of the afternoon--2 that shouldn't be wearing them--but sure have nice legs!
And Friday night. Julia's friend Lucy was over and they spent the evening running around--all 4 children. Boy would I love a 4th child!!! No, it isn't happening, but I loved the noise, the chaos and the pure joy of happy healthy children.
Dr. Del report---wow he's healing great! (well yeah--anal retentive momma here!) And she wasn't too happy about the hockey either. So, on Saturday when Chewie couldn't suit up what does Ted say--"because your mom said no". Lovely eh? While I'm at work (in the PICU no less--which is ok but not my gig) making money to pay for hockey and school! MEN!!! Urology report also well (again anal retentive momma). We'll find out the final results in March --when daddy has to take him cause I'm at work(haha). They'll do an audiology test, see how his hearing is, and then check everything. I can tell you, the hearing is excellent. I mean he was an incredible kid before--but now--WOW!!!
I would like to warn everyone to not do a Janiece and go to Woodmans on a Sunday afternoon when they are remodeling. HELL--pure HELL! I try to avoid being tortured like that but when that's the only time you have--what can you do???
For everyone who wants a letter to play the game--requests in by Tuesday night. I think I'll do an Emily and draw the letters out of a bag--or maybe have Julia do it!

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Janay said...

I have a picture of Baby Teddy in one of Mimi's dresses. He was about two, had cotton blonde hair and looked pretty cute in that dress. Like father like sons so they say.