Thursday, February 5, 2009

The chin up view . I think you can see where she realigned the septum and thus the cupid's bow. It's a pretty faint cut.
Wow--now that's a profile!

Love that smile! Doesn't he seem like he might be full of mischief???
The urology appt. was today--and the huge scab fell off last night, so all is good there. I, of course, ended up taking him in. I'm getting frustrated with being the one responsible for EVERYTHING (literally everything) and it's starting to take it's toll. But that's a subject for a different time.
I have never seen so much snot drain from a nose--and I've seen alot of snot. I don't know if his nose is so open now, because his ears are draining properly or did he get something in the hospital. Anything is possible I guess. But he can't really blow his nose now--not that he ever really wanted to--so I'm back to the old reliable bulb sucker. I swear I think I got snot out from clear up close to his brain. Julia's feelings on the subject "GROSS!!" Gotta love 6 year olds.
Tomorrow is the big craniofacial follow up. I think his nose looks so good. Still swollen but it's coming down. The biggest change is going to come between now and the next couple of months. By summer time, I expect a faint scar and that's it. I am so lucky to be around modern medicine with such great doctors! (and great coworkers as well--the nurses, CNAs and HUCs are awesome too!)


emily said...

oh, he looks great. such a doll. such a big grin. i'm picking your letter right now out of my alphabet bag... (thanks for playing along!!!) you get... (drum roll please...) J!!! (i have at least one guess WHO will be on your list...)

Shannon said...

I can't believe the transformation and the incisions look so good! He definitely has a contagious smile!