Monday, February 2, 2009

Chewie Day 6

Chewie went back to school today and now he is at daycare (I start work at 3). I asked the teachers for their opinion afterwards--amazed was the term used. He was answering questions correctly-all of them. His speech is better in their opinion, behavior is better. One of the teachers (now I've known her for over 4 years now) can't believe how well adjusted he is and how bonded he is with us. All in less then a year. I thought he fit in pretty well from the start--the stork just went to the wrong place--just like with each one of the kids. Honestly, we're just damned lucky!
He is feeling great--no pain, nothing. He hasn't had any pain meds since Friday night--trust me I'm liberal with pain meds, especially with his extensive surgery--but he just feels good. And he loves to inform me that his penis feels good and he likes to check it out. Boys!!! He is still swollen on his nose, but it's going down. I think the bruising is almost gone. I'm still putting antibiotic ointment on just to help with the stitches pulling.
Off to eat something and get ready for work. I've already been to Janesville and back this am--transferring $. I will be SO GLAD when the taxes are done and we have our refund. I think this one might run over a two timeframe--did with Julia's, not with Rauan's. Debt--I hate, want to get rid of it!


Shannon said...

Gosh - he looks so great! Isn't it amazing how tough some kids are!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I just can't believe the difference. I remember back to when I first met him before his first surgery. Essentially, he had no upper lip. I was just in awe at how well he could eat and drink. Now he has a beautiful lip! I am so glad that he has the perfect family.

Christine said...

Wow-- he looks awesome! Hope he cpontinues on the up and up! I can't imagine what my own son will look like after his surgery!

bella1021 said...


Hope you had a good night last night ;) one more night-- you can do it :)