Thursday, February 19, 2009

Julia is amazing

Julia and I got to the hospital at 7 am today for her 8:30 surgery. Busy busy, but again, I think our hospital is awesome! Dr. Del went in and check for fistulas and yep they are there. I knew about the one she had in front--I figured bone graft will take care of it, but it's more extensive then what I thought. Then she has a pinpoint area in the middle of her palate. While Julia was under, she asked the other plastic surgeon Dr. Benz (also a totally cool guy and doctor) to take a look at her hand. Since Julia is a girly girl (her words) she wanted him to assess and see about anything with a fingernail for her "big" finger. Interestingly enough there is. He has transplanted toenail grafts on to fingers to produce a nail. Varying success. Ted and I have discussed more work on her hand but we've decided this is a decision for her to make in the future. But--awesome news. I didn't know they can do stuff like that. What a great option to offer her.
Beyond that news, nasal cauterization went well--apparently that big vessel healed up (Vaseline--I will swear by that stuff from now on!) and there we a couple smaller ones near the front of her nose that looked suspicious. Then the adenoids are gone. She had some emergence delirium coming out of surgery--actually unhooking her IV and getting blood all over the place. Poor nurse--don't think she know what to think of me. Things happen.
So here's the amazing part--after resting for a couple of hours--Julia is up and playing the wii. Basically refusing to relax at all. And yelling at her brothers--much to my dismay. I'd rather she rest her throat.
Boy, that surgery the end of April is going to be a bitch. Sphincter, fistula repair, nasal revision. Yeah that will be an overnighter and that's good. It might be the only way to keep her down. Then comes the at home and not running around. HAHAHA
I'll try to slow Chewie down this weekend and get an updated photo. Looks pretty darn good.


bella1021 said...

glad to hear the good news!

Shannon said...

What a trooper! It never ceases to amaze me how brave and tough kids are. Glad to hear things went well.

J-momma said...

wow. what a trooper! but kids bounce back so easily. when mateo had his adenoid surgery in September, he was running around the hospital corridors that evening. (he stayed overnight because of complications with his palate.) oh, and he ripped out his IV coming out of surgery too. i could hear his awful gut-wrenching screaming from the waiting room. anyway, i'm reminded every few months or so that cleft palate is not simply a cosmetic problem (as told by our state medical staff) and it DOES require more surgeries than originally planned. we just got back from numerous tests in the hospital yesterday and found out Mateo has YET another unexpected problem he may need surgery for in the future. the cartilage around his voice box is weak so it's caving in and making a raspy sound when he breathes, any of yours have this?

anyway, good luck with the continual surgeries. i know what that's like. must be harder with three to think about. i only have one. although we did specify that we would love to take another kid with cleft palate/lip for our next adoption, so you never know.