Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Julia update

Julia had her preop physical today for her 1st surgery next week. She's 48 inches and 47 lbs. not bad for a peanut that 5 years ago wasn't even on the growth charts--now she's 65% and 41% respectively. Where does the time go? We also did the hair cut again today and I can see her eyeballs again! She's growing out her hair and its a totally even bob right now--with the exception of her bangs. I wish I could talk her into to keeping it shorter--but some battles aren't worth it. It's her hair. Now if she wants to dye it black and start wearing white makeup with dark red lipstick---then we'll have to talk.


Maria said...

My "B" is done.

J-momma said...

cute. thanks for the potty training suggestion. someone else said summer was the best too. unfortunately, i don't want to wait that long. with another kid on the way, i think it's better to do most of the work now, while it's just him to worry about. thanks for the tip. if we're not done by summer (ahhh) i will certainly try your suggestions.