Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok just wondering what are the limits on husband stupidity???I ran late at HospiceCare--not by much--and I called and let Ted know that I would be to the ice arena around 5 pm. Got there just as Julia is getting dressed back to street clothes. All good. I went into the little ice arena, saw Rauan, saw Ted and said Where's Chewie? Dumbass(and there is no other word for it !) said "out on the ice" WTF!!!!(excuse my English--but...) The boy just had major surgery 6 days ago! What the hell is wrong with you??? He tells me that "I thought you said Tuesday" No dumbass I said Saturday MAYBE!!!! How can a person confuse the 2? Ah yes, that selective male hearing.
Ok the man is not stupid. His mom retired as an RN, from the ER, after 20+ years. His sister--which is how I met him--has been a ICU nurse forever. He knows some medical stuff--how could he not?? 10 days dumbass--minimum 10 days before he does anything. Plus, when he came out of surgery he was so restless that he blew some stitches around his poor little penis. Ice and time resolved that--but there's a huge scab. You can't tell me that it's ok for him to be out there skating when he has that--it's got to rub.
Thank God nothing happened--but does he just not think??? This is not our first child--nor our first cleft/nose surgery. Why????
Yes--just so you know I love the man dearly, but there are times!


stef said...

Ah, men. You gotta love em!

bella1021 said...

hmm I think there was a case of selectivitis going around... my hubby got it too.. granted it didn't envolve post-op stuff though--shesh! ;)

Shannon said...

YIKES! Time to clean out those ears! I relay solely on big, posted notes to backup my important conversations! :)

Hilary Marquis said...

Oh dear...Ted's in trouble. Does Belle have room for him in the dog house?

Charles J Gervasi said...

I think that little guy will be fine.