Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember when--7 years ago

Ahhh, I'm spending too much time thinking. This am as Ted was getting ready to leave, I said remember what happened 7 years ago? "huh?' Yes, he is a typical man. Well 7 years ago today was the day my sister was holding my hand as I had that God awful HSG, which caused the massive pelvic infection, which landed me in the hospital on Valentines' Day, where I spent 10 days had surgery and a PICC line placed so I could give myself IV antibiotics for 5 weeks afterwards (which lead to the phrase--"why bother eating? just skip the middle man and drop the food into the toilet."). So, it really sucked. But I don't regret it. Why? Because in September that year I cancelled the appt. for IVF and told Ted my body has had enough. My hubby, who didn't want to take any more risks either, agreed to investigate adoption. Totally scary for him since adoption was a foreign concept, but for me, with both family and friends that had been adopted--not such a big deal. November of that year we signed with an agency, by the end of January we had our referral and in April we met our princess. No regrets and I would do it all again if I had to make the choice. God knew what he was doing. I'm so stubborn. If I hadn't been through Hell, I would have done the IVF (which we now know probably wouldn' t have worked) and who knows what path we would have taken? Yes, God knew. And I'm so thankful.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

It's awesome to look back and see how God orchestrates things.

Hilary Marquis said...

Very cool :) Sometimes it takes a 2x4 to get through doesn't it? I'm so glad that you have Julia, Rauan & Alihan. They are three of the greatest kids I've ever met! My kids are still talking about the fun they had in December.

Monica said...

So hoping that you will participate in the letter project to share an update on your wonderful family with the Kyrgyz officials:

Thx from ALL of us still waiting to bring children home from Kyrgyz!!!

janiece said...

Yes, Monica--I've already been in contact with Cindy.