Friday, March 28, 2008

Phone update from Ted via Janiece

I just got off the phone with Ted. First of all Charter phone service sucks. I've been trying and trying with charter and finally got pissed and got the phone cards out--which amazingly enough worked! I guess I put some more minutes on those.
Alihan got on the phone twice with me. Once he just listened and Ted said he had a big smile on his face and then the second time it sounded like "hiya!". Then I heard singing in the background from him. He kept playing with the phone while Ted was talking to me--so yep he's a totally normal 4 year old! Ted said that the people there are having trouble understanding him talk--Russian speaking natives I mean. So, it looks like we might have some speech issues. Oh well--we were lucky with Julia and Rauan. What's life without a little challenge right? I'm so lucky though to work with wonderful speech therapists (Shannon, Rita and Sarah). I have total faith. I question his hearing though too. Ted says he seems to hear fine--but howmuch is a compensation?? Well, May 30 we'll know alot more. I have a sneaking suspicion that although his lip might not need work right away--a few other things will. And underneath the tooth gunk--it ain't so pretty. If my manager happens to read this--Marie I might need a few more night shifts for more then just minivan payments!
They have gone to the Kaz embassy twice now and no luck with getting the passports. At 11 am today (midnight here) they go again. The plan is to leave Monday am and their appt. in Almaty is at 4pm Monday. I think that would be the medical appt. and then the embassy appt. is Wed. Then they fly home! YEAH!!!!
Oh yes--my mom sizing still works. I was right on with the 8 1/2 shoe and the size 4clothes. I just have to brag a little on that. So, the bed is all ready, clothes ready, and I now have a booster seat for him. I just have to have beer ready for Ted and all is set here. Come on April 3!


Hilary Marquis said...

I think Ted has earned a couple of beers after this trip! Nice job on the clothing ;)...all little boys (and BIG ones too) have "selective hearing"!

Lisa said...

Three trips for one passport? Where's Andrei when you need him? Ted most definitely deserves a beer.