Saturday, March 29, 2008


So, why is when you have a house full of hardwood and laminate flooring that the dog--when not getting his way and needing to poop--decides to poop on the only carpeted area in the house? And not just a small amount either!


Stef Wasson said...

Carpet must be more comfortable on the touchee! Fortunately, Dobby hasn't had an "accident" in the house since she's been trained, I'm even leaving her out of her cage at night now and she's not chewing things up! Yea!

Lisa said...

I believe Loki would call that "Payback". My darlings ate an entire loaf of french bread overnight and spread my office trash all over the place!

Hilary Marquis said...

Is the dog still alive? My stupid dog decided to eat what must have been an entire tree branch less than two days before our homestudy home visit. Do you know that this causes an animal to have bloody diarreah? And as this lovely thing is occuring the large splinters that he is passing cause him to race through the entire house covering both the main floor (BRAND NEW CARPETING) and then the basement including the laundry room and the piles of laundry!!! I was HYSTERICAL!!! Does anyone want a dog?