Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 1 and boredom

Well by the grace of god and possibly a few angels on my shoulders, I am here. Someone please tell Golden rule that if you don't have a paper ticket when you arrive in Moscow, you are screwed. The flight from Chicago was delayed for 2 hours, so that gave me little time in Frankfort. The Frankfort airport is a nightmare if you don't know what you are doing!!! So I was able to get to my gate and the lady there was really nice and called to the aeroflot desk and got a paper ticket created for the trip from Moscow to Bishkek. I couldn't board the plane until the lady from aeroflot ran the ticket upstairs, so I was officially the LAST person to board. Now for Moscow! When you get there, you have to check into the transfer desk and they take your passport and boarding pass and load you into a van to take you off to their version of camp getmo. Once they determine you are the correct person(2 hours), they load you back into a van and take you on dark bumpy road to the other terminal. Then they give you your passport back and let you loose in the smoke filled airport. Once I cleared customs in Bishkek, I was expecting to see someone holding a Frank foundation sign. Nope!! I didn't see anyone and then a cab driver started to follow me around. I told him to get the hell away from me and he wouldn't go away. I was starting to wonder if I needed to take a cab and then at the last minute I heard Lisa's voice say "What about Ted!" So they had sent Vladimir by himself to pick us up and I am not sure they knew I was on a different flight. So then we head to the car and 2 of the same airport trolls that grabbed our luggage away from us on the 1st trip, followed us. I put the suitcase in the trunk and they rearranged it. So I get in the car and they have the audacity to open my door and demand money for helping. I told them to go to hell and that they didn't do an f'ing thing. This whole thing really PO'd me. I long for the days of Alexander pushing the taxi drivers out of our way in Moscow for Julia's adoption. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr...... So now I get to sit here until Wednesday before I see Alihan. Oh well, I can go with the flow on that one. There are a few other thing going on that may get me in A LOT of trouble. I have to hear most of it from Lisa, because we think that they are scared of me and don't tell me directly. I don't think that I am going to be able to keep my mouth shut, which may cause some problems for any families that travel later this year but I'm not sure I care any more. Internet is better, so I will try to post more later.


Hilary Marquis said...

Airport Trolls! I love it! I know you're ready to throttle someone, but you are so comical about it. Hang in there, Daddy. Your little boy is almost within reach. Deep breath, bite tongue, or eat candy bar :) You can do it!

Janay said...

Kick back at hotel, take deep breaths, get some sleep...this too will pass. I can't wait to hear about Alihan and how happy he is to see his Daddy. Aunt Mimi is babysitting up at your house for Rauan and Julia. She took Julia to skating lesson and ballet. When they called me they had just finished playing hide and go seek with Aunt Mimi and sampling the boxes of See's Easter candy Bumpa and I got for them. Julia was calling on Mimi's cell phone and Mr Rauan went to your house phone and dialed our number all by himself. He is growing up fast.
Glad to read your blogs.
Love Mom and Dad

Lisa said...

Hang in there Ted! Deep breaths, buddy, deep breaths!

Rachel said...

As much as it sucks right now, this all makes for great blog material. Ah, the things we do for our kids!