Monday, March 31, 2008

Funny Kids

Julia and Rauan just make me laugh. Last night was a horrible night at work--I had to be charge (YUCK!) and of course, that's the night they switch all the computer stuff for the medication delivery. Lucky me. So, I was just plain cranky when I got home last night. I pulled into the driveway and looked at theh ouse. 2 huge signs in the windows saying I LOVE YOU and WELCOME HOME ALIHAN AND DADDY. Then Rauan also put a sign in their room that is for Alihan too. They have a countdown going right now. Stacey also took them for ice cream last night--yes they are spoiled. She said Rauan told her he wants to pull Brigid's hair. When Stacey asked he why he said because she is so cute! Lordy lordy! If that wasn't bad enough, when Stacey told him that wasn't a way to tell her he likes her--Miss Julia decided to start giving Rauan advice on how to treat girls!! Oh my! When I heard about this I just burst out laughing. Too funny. It was what I needed last night. It certainly puts things in perspective. Man am I lucky.


Rachel said...

that is awesome (both the signs and the "let me tell you about girls" advice from his sister. i'm sure you are more than ready for your family to be whole again...i'm counting with you!

Lisa said...

Life with pre-schoolers is never dull, is it? And just when you're about to wring their little necks, they get adorable on you. Brats! Seriously! Great story. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for TP and Rauan's new partner in crime to get home!