Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Gotcha Day

Well I head out in a few hours to pick up Alihan. Then what??? I guess we will take a lot of walks, so that he doesn't destroy the hotel. Also I may let him watch Spongebob in Russian, so his brain doesn't get overloaded and short circuit from it when he realizes Princess Julia controls the remote. Life here has been boring, so I have been forced to entertain myself with beer and Russian hockey. It sort of reminds me of my college days, scratching included, except I shave and shower daily. The room would drive Janiece nuts!!! Nothing is unpacked and I just grab what I need out of the suitcase. Ah we men are so good at process improvements, as this will save a great deal of packing time. Yesterday was a good day. I filled out paperwork and paid the bill and I didn't get hassled once. Now everyone needs to pray for 9 more days like this. Also I do believe I intimidate the heck out of them. I don't understand this, but Janiece keeps telling me that I do this to people. They didn't make any eye contact with me and seemed very nervous. Hey if they stay this way, the rest of the trip will be great. The things I have to do to get good service and respect. I am using that wise saying from Roadhouse. "Be nice, until it is time not to be nice!" Well I will see if I can get some pics today, but who knows if Alihan will let me be on the computer again. Did I mention the Russian hockey......man it is amazing to watch their style of play. It gives me a few ideas for coaching in the future.


janiece said...

Nice--remember how everyone was scared of you at work until they saw you with Julia?? Then they saw the great guy I know and love. Of course--I've also seen your temper--which I believe it took me about 3 years of marriage and real bitchiness on my part! Yes folks--it takes quite a bit to rile him up. He is a very patient person.

Hilary Marquis said...

Soon you'll have your little sidekick and you won't be able to fool anyone with the big mean American act anymore ;) You'll turn into a big puddle of Daddy! Hug that little guy for us.

Lisa said...

Happy Gotcha Day!

Ted, you mention beer, hockey, cartoons and hanging out with your son... What part of this trip is really stressful?

And you? Scary? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously Pritchards, Congratulations ! We're so happy for you all.

Johnda said...

Where are you staying in Almaty??
Which hotel...please
we are trying to get everything lined up...