Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Home update

Well, since the internet is proving unreliable AGAIN--here's the home update. Janiece finally did a "float" to the PICU in the new hospital--and got a craniofacial patient. Yeah--sad day for her (NOT!). Janiece is also obsessively on the internet checking for updates. Frank Foundation WAS notified of the plane changes and they did notify those in Kryg--not sure what the issue was there. I'm sure there will be some discussions on that.
Julia and Rauan spent the night at their grandma's, along with their cousin Jemma. Their cousin Henry also came and played. It seems their new cousin (Henry'ssoon to be born sibling) might come a bit sooner then expected--so Alihan and babay Sheridan might arrive about the same time. Aunt Mimi, who is also sick with the creeping crud, came to take care of Julia and Rauan while momma worked. She spoiled them rotten--of course. That's what aunts do! Julia's skating coach is discussing some upcoming competitions that Julia might be interested in--but we'll wait for daddy to come home to discuss them. Today Rauan is keeping momma company while Julia has her long day at school. Momma is also working on staining our new kitchen window (the old rotted out--had to be replaced). Yes--the house stinks of stain--but it's in the 50s outside--so we're also airing the house out.
Otherwise, same old same old here. By the way momma misses daddy alot. But--Momma is getting good sleep--only Loki is snoring next to her at night! The hairiness level is about the same.


Hilary Marquis said...

Windows?! Wanna come do mine next? Sounds like you had a good time in the PICU ;)

Lisa said...

Sounds like all is well on the homefront!