Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day3 (or 5)

Life is fairly normal here. Julia finally got wailed on by Rauan. Rauan put her seat in a place she didn't like--she she started her normal yelling, screaming and then she hit Rauan. Usually he takes it--and she has been warned that sheis going to get back at her one of these days. It happened. He hauled off and cracked her! The world nearly ended. She's been better since then.
Ted picked up Alihan and it went fairly well. I guess everyone is being exceptional nice to him. Imagine that! Yes, there is sarcasm there. Of course,he had a near meltdown because he went to the Lufthansa office and there are no return tickets for him. So, I called Golden Rule and there is no Lufthansa office in Bishkek. Near as we can figure,it was a travel agent, who of course isn't going to have a record. Ted and Alihan, per Lufthansa, have return tickets on April 3.
Still icky weather here--snow tonight and tomorrow. Will it ever end????


Hilary Marquis said... I can relax and breathe! I was sure praying for Ted and Alihan last night! I WANT PICTURES!!!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

:) I'm happy all is going well. I'm ever so slightly concerned about the "habits" that Ted is teaching the lad that you'll need to unlearn him later. "No sweetie. No matter what daddy says, your underwear doesn't belong on the floor."

"It's fine to scratch yourself, just not in church, sweetheart."

This all makes me worry. And I want pictures too :(

(and I hate typos)