Friday, March 28, 2008

Home update--Friday

Well, I tell you I'm about sick of this not having my husabnd around. This is for the birds. Granted everything is fine here, but Ted and I have been married for almost 10 years and we really haven't been separated for very much time. I think the longest was when I went to get Rauan and I think that was for 6 days total and that included travel time!!!! Of course Rauan and Julia are having a blast right now. Between Aunt Mimi and Stacey they are getting spoiled rotten! For those of you who don't know who Stacey is she was Julia's original babysitter. I worked with her mom, Laurie and since I totally trust Laurie (she trained me in dialysis), I knew one of her girls would be the perfect babysitter. So,Stacey has been a big part of our lives for 5 years now. According to Julia, the sun rises and sets on Aunt Mimi and Stacey. Rauan just loves the food that he is gettting. And of course, being male he thinks Stacey is totally awesome.
Anyways, homefront wise. The house is a mess. So goes my plans of having a perfectly clean house when Ted and Alihan get home. The only reason it is reasonably decent is because after the kids go to bed Stacey cleans. And for all you people that are wondering--NO--she's our babysitter!!! You can't steal her away! I have got two coats of stain on the kitchen window--but for me to climb up there and try to put it on--what a joke. Ok I'm not the thinnest or most flexible person in the world. I have to climb up and over the sink and stand/crouch on this teeny amount of counter space to get to the trim. Not a pretty sight!
Today after school we're going to go to Janesville, get my mom and leave Loki there. He is lonely at home without Callie--so this way he gets to play with Maggie and Toby. We're going to get a birthday present for Julia's friend Syndey who has a party this weekend and then a carseat/booster for Alihan. You know--for the now famous Pritchmobile aka minivan!
And I would sure LOVE to hear from my husband!

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Lisa said...

Oh JP! You are hearing from him! Via blog, of course, but it does seem your young son keeps him quite busy ;)