Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am sick.
Not just physical sick either.
Let's not take away from the fact that since the middle of January I have been sick with something. Got over it--for 5 days!!, then sick again. "Healthy" for a week and seriously, within 6 hours of being done with that damn telemetry test-started getting congested and not being able to swallow. Well, ok got a 97%, but between working my ass off at work and then taking on the additional (required) burden of learning something we NEVER USE and I tried to learn once before and failed--it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I would like to actually get one decent night sleep without Ted's snoring waking me up, all 3 children sleeping through the night, a cat not jumping on my head, the phone not ringing, and me being actually able to breath. Just one night!
Now let's going on to the mental illness--which I'm sure contributes to the physical. I am damn sick of being the only functional person around. I'm sick of people whining about poor pitiful me--when its their own behavior that got them into that situation. I'm sorry, but Ted and I work our asses off and we don't ask for shit! We paid for 3 international adoptions out of our own pockets--yes we have a home equity loan--but considering everything, we owe very little. We have 3 children in private school and fairly expensive activities--and we pay for it OURSELVES. We didn't feel the need for fancy vacations, fancy homes, or a fancy vehicle--although I do like the heated seats in the Envoy after work--but by God, our kids come first. Maybe that's the difference, Ted and I don't whine and bitch--we just do. So don't come and lay your poor pitiful feel sorry for me issues on me. You made your bed, you lie in it. And next time you pull shit for attention, think twice. You know that little boy that cried wolf. Well, next time you might not get that attention quick enough.
Ted and I have enough to worry about. Unless you are going to offer us a hand--without cost--get lost. Ted's mom is dying, we have 3 kids to raise, bills to pay and I work 2 emotionally draining jobs (which I love). Bug off.

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