Friday, February 5, 2010

The games

Wausau has been so much fun! It started off rough. We arrived last night and we got a phone call from Ted's dad. They are going to stop Janet's dialysis--which means she'll soon be our newest angel in heaven, joining my dad in watching over us.
We took the kids to the water park last night and guess what? Julia and Rauan finally hit the height mark--big kid rides!! I think I made the cool mom mark--I went on the rides with them! Laughing the whole time!
This am it was off to practice ice--way too early. Then a search for coffee--the most important part of the day. Picked up the boys and off to the skating arena. I was quickly roped in by the other skating moms and we have joined the figure skating "cult". Yes--hair glitter, makeup and fancy outfits. Damn it--its toddlers and tiaras on hormones. Julia had a good time and that's all that matter. Below is Julia with her coach Stephanie and another student, Heather.
Julia in the midst of her program. She forgot it halfway and improvised. In a pretty smooth way actually. Not bad for a 7 year old competing with kids about 2 years older then her--and with a heck more experience. Also, some of the girls were skating below their level just to win a medal. Really--what does that teach them???
Anyways, off my soapbox. Isn't that a nice straight line? I think its great progress.
Getting ready to go into a spin.

Makeup and glitter!

Julia came in 7th out of 8. First time at Badger State Games--so I thought that was fine. We came here for fun and experience--not a medal. Quite honestly, I didn't want her to win anything--what does that teach her? She was more excited about the sweatshirt that she got--with the iron-ons that she got to pick out--and had her name on it!
Ted spent most of his time--after he digested everything about his mom--laughing at me. He says I've been sucked in. Sucked in to what may I ask?? What makes my daughter happy? I think what is important is this what Julia wants and I go by her yeses and nos. As happened last summer--Julia didn't want to skate so she didn't skate. She let us know when she was ready to start again and we followed her lead. Personally I enjoyed the water park and the joy of going down the slides with the kids--and the laughter.


Shannon said...

She looks so beautiful. What a talented young lady! The waterpark sounds like a blast, too!

Lisa said...

JP, I think you do a great job! Congratulations to Miss Julia.

Also very sorry to hear about Ted's mom. I know things haven't been great for awhile and I'll keep sending prayers your direction.