Sunday, February 7, 2010

and the rest of the weekend

No pictures of the Pritchard family at the waterpark. Momma--the "photographer" was too busy playing to take photos--besides no one wants to see me in a bathing suit! What a blast! Hopefully next year, Chewie will be tall enough to go on the "big kid" rides. I spent more time running up and down stairs carrying a double tube so I could ride with either Julia or Rauan. My legs are killing me today.
When we got to the tubing hill, it didn't open until 1:30. Like we were going to wait around that long while there is precious winter daylight! So, off to try a new winter activity--which I totally LOVED. Ted is in amazement--an OUTDOOR(!!!),WINTER ACTIVITY(!!!!), that I LOVED(!!!). Snowshoeing. Honest to God outdoor winter activity. I guess its hiking in winter--but what a workout! Loved it and I think I'm going to purchase some snowshoes. I've already been looking for local rental places (and found a few), plus we are expecting 6-9 inches of snow this week. YES!!! ( I know--it did freeze over. Janiece looking forward to snow--what alternate universe is this?)
Anyways, here's a few photos of a new fav:
The Pritchard clan out and about. Chewie in his normal position--trying to get upright
What a view!!! Rib Mountain in Wausau WI
Ted attempting to coach. Alot like his soccer coaching--learning as he goes.
C'mon mom. Put that camera aware and let's go!
Oh did I mention the other advantage of snowshoes? Yep, the camera goes along and I can snowshoe and snap photos at the same time. That sounds normal for me--doing 2 things at 1 time! No hockey pictures for today--I was just too darn tired! But I did manage to get Julia's first communion dress to the seamstress. Progress!

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