Saturday, February 20, 2010

Night out

Well facebook is being a pain, so I'm posting here. A mom needs night out and my P5 coworkers did too. To celebrate a couple of birthdays, we went to an "adult entertainment" place in Lake Geneva. When I told Ted, he laughed his hiney off and then encouraged it. Wild night!Shelly and Kristen. Shelly is one of our birthday girls!
Laura, with her trophy tshirt. I think we saw a side of Laura that would surprise her daughters!
Melissa and Angela--way happy--and yes, Angela is holding a type of "shot glass" that was new to me. I'm way out of touch!
Ann, Laura and Lisa. Not sure what they were laughing over--but I guess it was good!

Here's a few of us settling down at a table.
Ann, Angela and Kristen in the limo--ready to party.
This is darling Anne, who has talked/held my hand through a tattoo, PALS, now an adult entertainment place. What's next??? But what great company for these experiences!
Miss Julie and myself. One of our newest brides on P5 (she married in May). We laughed so hard the whole night.
Holly, Katie and Ann. Holly was originally a nurse that I started out precepting--until that darn uterus decided to act up. All 3 incredible nurses and incredible people!
The limo--ok, not such a great picture--but I bought a point and shoot camera for this. Actually I told Ted this is his camera but I was borrowing it for the night.

Yes, there are more pictures--but this is for the general family! Again, hubby just shook his head at me!


Hilary Marquis said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time!

Mala said...

I'm eagerly waiting for the next set of pictures!!!!! *wiggles eyebrow* adult entertainment, eh? I'm guessing you weren't going to the Bingo Hall then...
And you ladies ROCK with the limo!
Glad you had a night out!