Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Just found out St. Dennis is going to all day kindergarten and they are also starting a 1/2 preK program (which doesn't matter for us, but awesome!) This is the answer to a prayer! I'm really getting fed up with not being home in the evenings and trying to schedule everything around one night a week for the kids. Ted and I never get a chance to talk--date night--now there's a dream! Anyways, this means that, although I lose some $, I can go to a 12 hour shift--day shift (7-7) once or twice a week. I think I'll still try to do a pm shift on the weekends--the 12 hour shifts are every third--so that's a possibility. We have to pay for after school care no matter what--but, by then, we'll have the tax credit refund, we won't be making two car payments, and please God, no more appliance breaking down--at least for a while. And maybe I'll be able to talk with my husband once in a while and we can actually be a "normal" family again. Of course--best laid plans......but there is light at the end of the tunnel!


emily said...

wooo hoooo!!! it was SO GOOD to see you tonight. can't wait to meet up again.

bella1021 said...

Super COOL!!!